About us

Hello world! My name is Anna and I am from Barcelona, Spain.

In the past I have worked as a foreign language teacher and in production planning for several FMCG companies, but my passion has always been crafting. As a child I would play pretend to own my shop or I would be creating anything with paper and tape. 

When I was 38 years old I decided to take a sewing course. It was about 3-hours a week for a couple of months only and I loved it. Although I had always seen my grandma and mother sewing at home and they tried to teach me several times, I never had a curiosity for sewing but I suppose some things stayed in my mind. 

I moved to Jersey City in April 2019 following my husband's career and after a year taking care of the house and the kids, Covid-19 hit in. During this unprecedented time, I baked bread (who hasn't), I taught my children (or I tried), I practiced yoga at home and I sewed face masks for my family. When people saw our masks on the street many asked us where we got them from and this inspired me to start Totally Rad Mama, a shop where you can find cool things for kids and grown ups. 

Why this name and the logo? I will tell you another day :)